Team b needs YOU!

Since discord has so many players and so many options, we decided to create team b. Most of us are very active and eager to play, therefore due to team b creation, everyone will have a chance to participate in important matches and pcws, as team b will also sign up for the upcoming seasons of HoQ and CB leagues.

As of today, team b includes such players as:



Team b plans to have 4 or 5 active QL CTF players, able to communicate in English via TeamSpeak. If you feel like you’re such a person, feel free to contact us on our IRC channel (info in Contact Us section).

Good luck and have fun team b!


2 Responses to “Team b needs YOU!”

  1. mousestar Says:

    u forgot to mention the part with the whores and “dutys” as discord member

  2. Do you mean IRC and TeamSpeak or having a brainwash by Xer’s and Bre4k3R’s trolling?

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