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discord with weapon of mass destruction

Posted in Uncategorized on October 19, 2011 by muzzzyk

It is confirmed that discord acquired a new member, who will definitely help our team to broaden the achievements section. Some of you may know the player from such clans as taxi and oj!. We’re proud to present:


gl and hf in our ranks


Team b needs YOU!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 30, 2011 by muzzzyk

Since discord has so many players and so many options, we decided to create team b. Most of us are very active and eager to play, therefore due to team b creation, everyone will have a chance to participate in important matches and pcws, as team b will also sign up for the upcoming seasons of HoQ and CB leagues.

As of today, team b includes such players as:



Team b plans to have 4 or 5 active QL CTF players, able to communicate in English via TeamSpeak. If you feel like you’re such a person, feel free to contact us on our IRC channel (info in Contact Us section).

Good luck and have fun team b!

new addition

Posted in Uncategorized on September 25, 2011 by muzzzyk

We are proud to present the new addition to our team. A player nicknamed gda (aka gooderr or goodaa) has joined our ranks and will fight for us in upcoming leagues and pcws. Although he claims that TDM is his main focus, we believe that his true CTF nature will take over eventually.

gda’s QL profile

Welcome and as always GL & HF

spacectfers gather around

Posted in Uncategorized on September 15, 2011 by muzzzyk

Fans of the (in)famous map called spacectf (q3ctf4 back in the day) have an opportunity to meet each other and organize space ctf 3v3 pickups on a new IRC channel #ctf4 , created yesterday by our clan member Guillom. The plan is to gather spacectf community in one place. Spacectf clans can also arrange pcws if they wish to do so.

In order to join the #ctf4 channel, use your IRC client (Quakenet server), or use this link for the quickest access:

GL & HF spacectfers

discord members list update

Posted in Uncategorized on September 14, 2011 by muzzzyk

Some may say this piece of information is old, but still we are proud to present our new additions to the clan:




They have already proved themselves and contributed to our fight for the 1st place in HoQ CTF league.

If you are interested in joining our team, feel free to check “Contact Us” section located on the right.

q6a leaves discord

Posted in Uncategorized on March 25, 2011 by angstoid

q6a has left discord and joined fury clan. q6a was one of our original members and he helped to found our clan by always coming back for more during our initial period of taking beatings from every other team. He was present to enjoy the satisfaction of developing the team play that brought us success in HoQ league and we are genuinely and undeniably saddened that he has left.
Good luck q6a we will miss you on ts and you will always be welcome in discord.