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You can use your IRC client to join us on Quakenet channel #discord or click the link below to connect using webchat:


4 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Marian Šicko Says:

    Hey guys I am player from SLovakia and I am looking for active ctf clan. I see that you guys are playing clanbase CTF cup and clan wars. I am not looking for some FUN clan that’s why I am writing here. I need active and cool clan with normal friendly guys. I can speak English , Polish – 70 % , Slovak , Czech language. I am active guy so If you think that I could be a usefull player for your clan feel free to contact me or add me in quake live. Best regards Sico0

  2. mousestar Says:

    my name is mousestar from CoF i just wanted to ask if u are looking members ?
    i am looking for a more serious clan training weekly and playing “real ctf”
    i am 21, from germany and mid-skilled. Since i am student i have a lot of time to train and i really wanna improve and play in leagues 🙂 so if u like add me 🙂 nick: mousestar

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